Quotes and excerpts from councillors and other Stroud notables

  • We then move on to public question time., we do have questions this evening. And the first question is from Mr Gerbrands. Is Mr Gerbrands available to ask the question? OK, thank you, he's not here. So in that case I'll read out the answer - I'll read out the question and then the answer. My Gerbrands asks 'What, in the opinion of Stroud District Council', has made Stroud Farmers market so successful. And the response is "It has been widely recognised that Stroud farmers market is extremely popular with customers, and reflects the increasing popularity of farmers markets generally. Some of the reasons for this are set out in the report and its appendices. Opinions on why the market is successful will vary and it will be many things to many people. But keys to the success of any market include atmosphere product, location,, and the support and involvement of all the local community. move on to the second question from mr David casper, who we have three questions from, and I would ask David to come forward to the microphone to ask the first question.

  • Thank you, good evening. Um, my first question, what, in the opinion of Stroud District Council, are the qualities of Made in Stroud, that have contributed to the success of Stoud Farmers Market.

  • Thank you. The council considers that the current success of the market is due to a variety of factors. Made in Stroud is one company. Although it is difficult to identify any of the quality of the company, as the company that currently runs the market, it undoubtedly has a role in contributing to the success of the market, as do the traders, the visitors to the market, and the council.

  • Thank you. A supplementary question. If you haven't identified the qualities that bring success to Stroud Farmers market, if you haven't identified those qualities that bring success, how can you draft criteria to identify a new operator who could match the proven success of Made in Stroud?

  • I think the report does go through a number of the factors which identifies the success of that market and through the surveys it has carried out shows why traders , shoppers and people throughout the district identify with that market as a success. Can we move on to question two then?